Whiplash Injuries

Minimize Your Whiplash Injuries in Las Vegas, NV

Whiplash Is a Serious Accident Injury—Let a Reliable Whiplash Attorney in Nevada Pursue Your Justice

Whiplash injuries in Las Vegas, NV, are often downplayed by victims, doctors and insurance adjusters alike because it is usually the result of rear-end-crashes. But because whiplash is a soft tissue injury caused by hyperextension of the neck, the extreme pain it causes can mask more serious injuries, such as torn rotator cuff, torn bicep tendon or broken collarbone. Whiplash injury victims may even have a broken back, a severe head injury or spinal cord injury but the pain has not yet set in and they tell everyone they’re fine.

At Aaron Law Group, our experienced attorneys understand how difficult whiplash injuries can make life become for accident victims in Las Vegas, Sunrise Manor, Pahrump and throughout southern Nevada. Even if you don’t feel pain after a rear-end accident, it is vital that you have an MRI taken and that you see an orthopedic surgeon to rule out these potentially life-threatening conditions.

Whiplash Car Accident Injuries Can Mean Lost Wages, Surgery and Years of Treatment-Call Us Today

Sometimes rear-end accident neck injuries are not very painful at first but become debilitating over time. Without an experienced accident attorney to help prove your neck pain you may end up with costly medical bills and loss of income that you can’t afford. If your injuries result in future medical care and an inability to work, we can pursue all necessary compensation to cover long-term physical, emotional and financial damages.

Whiplash injury symptoms may include:

  • Headache
  • Neck pain
  • Dizziness
  • Limited range of motion
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Trouble concentrating


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