Motorcycle Accidents

A Tough Nevada Motorcycle Crash Attorney Who Can Pursue the Compensation You Deserve

Motorcycle accident injury victims typically suffer far worse bodily harm than car or truck crash victims. They have no vehicle to protect them, no seatbelt and they are often invisible to other drivers. Motorcyclists are therefore extremely vulnerable out on the road alongside 18-wheelers, buses, SUVs and other bigger vehicles. There are numerous causes of motorcycle accidents and yet they are most often blamed on the motorcyclist.

On busy Nevada highways and streets, bikers can end up in a broad range of accidents due to drunk drivers, distracted drivers, hazardous traffic situations and being caught in a driver’s “blind spot.” When car and truck drivers change lanes without looking into their side or rear-view mirrors and without signaling, motorcyclists can be forced off the road, sideswiped, thrown off their motorbikes and skid across the pavement. Motorcycle accident injuries include broken bones, abrasions, road burn, traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury. And in many accidents, motorcyclist fatalities are the result, which are very often wrongful death cases.

Suffering from Nevada Motorcycle Crash Injuries? Let Us Fight For Your Rights and Restitution

If you suffered motorbike crash injuries, you may have been rushed away from the accident scene in an ambulance, hospitalized and gone through a battery of medical procedures such as MRIs, cat scans and exams by orthopedic surgeons. You may have a cast, crutches or a wheelchair. Perhaps you face a future as a quadriplegic or paraplegic or have cognitive problems due to motorcycle crash head injuries. Since most motorcycles weigh only a few hundred pounds, the average car weighs 5,000-lbs and a fully loaded semi-truck 80,000 pounds, motorcyclists don’t stand a chance in a crash. When we represent injured motorcyclists, we do meticulous research, including presenting to insurance adjusters and juries all the steps you took to ensure your own biker safety, such as helmets, gloves, leathers, boots and defensive driving techniques.

Injured bikers need an aggressive personal injury lawyer to fight for the compensation required to cover high medical bills, ongoing physical therapy and loss of income that is so common after a collision with a motor vehicle. Motorbike wrecks can turn into years of rehabilitation, physical pain and emotional anguish. You may have to learn basic communication and mobility skills all over again, from walking to writing to speaking. Don’t let the distracted, drunk or reckless driver who caused your biker injuries to get away with it. Let us help.

If you or a loved one suffered from motorcycles crash injuries or if you lost a relative in a motorcycle accident death, we will pursue the justice you deserve, handling everything from insurance adjusters to accident report forms to evidence preservation. With the Law Offices of Aaron Law Group, you’ll be in good hands. Both attorneys are members of the Million-Dollar Advocates forum-one of the nation’s most prestigious trial lawyer groups, representing fewer than 1% of U.S. lawyers -because they have won million-dollar settlements for their clients.

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