Casino Accidents

Assaulted, Hit By Limo or Slipped and Fell at a Casino? Call an Aggressive Casino Accident Attorney

Las Vegas casino injuries happen frequently, though casino owners keep their premises liability cases as low-profile as possible for obvious reasons. They’ve had Nevada personal injury attorneys slapping casino injury lawsuits on them in the past and they know that if a tourist, employee or vendor was hurt on their premises, their property insurance will have to cover any medical costs, financial losses or property damage. Perhaps you were a guest at a casino on The Strip, in town for a little gambling and a few shows. You may have suffered one of many possible casino injuries, such as a tripping and falling due to dim casino lighting and ended up with a head injury. Maybe a loved one was killed by a cab at a casino entrance, in which case you may have a casino wrongful death case on your hands. You might be a casino cocktail waitress and a drunk casino guest became violent and assaulted you. Or as a blackjack dealer, you might have workplace repetitive stress injuries from the continuous motion your job requires.

Every casino accident requires tough, experienced legal representation, which is why so many good people injured in or around casinos call experienced, relentless Las Vegas casino accident injury attorneys at Aaron Law Group. The list of potential casino accidents is virtually endless:

  • Slip and fall on torn casino carpeting
  • Tripped on broken entrance floor tile
  • Burned by casino restaurant hot water
  • Assaulted by drunk gamblers
  • Hurt by rough casino security guards
  • Fell through casino stairs bannister
  • Lacerated by broken casino door glass
  • Card dealer repetitive stress
  • Casino show employee injury
  • Hurt in drunk casino patron DUI accident
  • Run over by casino taxi
  • Airport shuttle pedestrian injury at casino
  • Defective security cameras
  • Negligent security guards

Assaulted, Hit By Limo or Slipped and Fell at a Casino? Call an Aggressive Casino Accident Attorney

Las Vegas, Nevada casino worker injuries are also common because they face various hazards on a daily basis. For both casino guests and employees, and trade show accident victims as well, entrance security guards play a key factor in keeping everyone within the casino safe. Huge buildings such as the Las Vegas Convention Center can be dangerous simply because of lack of security. But sometimes even security guards on duty are asleep on the job, not standing where they should be or inebriated themselves. In addition to people being hurt in casinos, Las Vegas resort hotel accidents also happen frequently, due to everything from defective lighting causing slip and fall injuries in hotel hallways to guests falling off balconies with loose rails or drowning in hotel swimming pools.

If you or a loved one suffered Las Vegas casino accident injuries, or were hurt at a hotel or trade show, call the Nevada Law Offices of Aaron Law Group today. Matthew Aaron is a member of the Million-Dollar Advocates forum-one of the nation’s most prestigious trial lawyer groups, of which less than 1% of U.S. lawyers are members. Not only has he won million-dollar settlements for his clients, Attorney Aaron is also a member of the even more elite Multi-Million Dollar forum.

Don’t delay. Every day you wait can make your casino accident injury or casino fatality case harder to prove, due to evidence being compromised and potential witnesses leaving town. The sooner you secure experienced legal representation, the more likely you will end up with every penny of the compensation you deserve. Call us today at 702-550-1111 or contact us online for a free evaluation. Every conversation is confidential and there is no obligation. Every discussion is personalized and private and you don’t pay unless you win. Serving the entire Las Vegas, Henderson and Pahrump, Nevada region.